SimpleLife360 Affiliate Partners Program is only open to companies or individuals within the 50 States at this time.

Affiliate Partners Program are typically businesses or individuals who want to partner with us to share our products, information, promotions, product reviews, and an affiliate coupon code for their wellness community.

Success Affiliates have a strong community following of around 50,000 to over 250,000 members and followers on social media. Those affiliates tend to have hundreds of sales monthly.

Each Affiliate will have a unique coupon code that allows their community to enjoy 10% off any product and cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons. The Affiliate also receives 10% commission of the sales they generate.

Payments are sent out once the commission reaches $100. 

Please reach out to us at to start the processes. We will determine whether your business is a good fit for SimpleLife360 Affiliate Partners Program. Please allow us up to 5 business days to review and get back to you. Thanks for your interest in joining us.