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How To Read Third Party Lab Results

We send our products to third party labs to get tested. This ensures you’re getting everything you want and anything you don’t want. Each product page will have a link to the lab results for the public to view. This is our full transparency and we stand behind our product line.

For our CBD products, the only way to truly know how much CBD is in each bottle is to send each product to get tested. Let’s take for example this lab result <a href="">PharmLabs CBD 1000mg Full Spectrum</a>

How to read this lab test is by looking at the sample name. Is this the product you’re interested in? Look for the cannabinoid you’re interested in. Most will be looking at CBD and THC. In this example CBD is 1349.10mg in the far right column. What does this mean? There is 1349.10mg of CBD in this 30mL tincture. Even though the product states 1000mg of CBD you’re actually getting 34.9% more CBD than what the label states. You’re getting more bang for your buck!

Now how do you calculate amount of CBD per serving? If the typical serving is 1mL and a tincture has 30mL you will divide 1349.10 by 30. This equates to 44.97mg of CBD per 1mL serving. This is high potency stuff!

How about THC? Full Spectrum will have 0.3% or less of THC. In the same lab analysis you will see there are 0.09% THC which is over 3 times less than the allowable amount of THC. For those interested in Broad Spectrum (<a href="">View Lab Results Here</a>) you will notice THC to be 0.02%. This is below the Limit of Detection (LOD) of 0.04. This means THC is not detectable in this particular lab result. For those seeking absolutely no THC, we recommend CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate just extracts CBD out of organically grown hemp. That means there are no other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBA, CBG, or THC.

We plan to offer CBD Isolate in the near future. We recommended signing up for our newsletter for new product releases and flash sales.

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